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New Flash in teh protal!

2009-03-04 20:37:49 by Amplified31

So I made a short animation and submitted it and stuff. I hope you ENJOIS >_<

Setting things straight

2009-02-03 00:13:59 by Amplified31

Ok I'm gonna set things straight with b-29er.

First of all I'm not really a spammer. I actually put effort into my flashes, not go into flash, draw a cock, and submit it to the portal.

How this all started you ask? Well, Newgroundsgansterpimp satred this crew called the UMD. The UMD is not a spam crew, we try to put effort into our flashes. So, I make a UMD flash, submit it. After passing the portal (With a bad score) I read the reviews when one review caught my eye. The review said the UMD crew was going down by some anti-spam group (I know it's not exactly what he said but w/e). I reply saying I'm so scared. I think it was the next day when I looked at b-29er's page. It said the UMD was a new spam crew and that we were going down. I'm like that's fucking retarted, were not even I spam group. I explain that we make quality spam like the RWD, and he's like it's spam regardless. Lemme stop here and just say you can't stop spam by getting your friends to vote 0 on the flashes. If there's Newgrounds, there's spam.

Me finding this all retarted, I ignore it. I delete the UMD flash cause I realized it sucked, then making a post saying this. I get a comment from b-29er saying you didn't delete it, it got blammed. Thats bull, because it already passed judgement, so it couldn't have been blammed. I reply to the message saying that, he replies saying check the obituaries. When ever you delete a flash it has the same page as a blammed flash.

I check b-29er's page and he said he had been spying on the UMD forums for two weeks. I' thought to myself this gu has no life. Also, the forum has no secrets so he's pretty retarted to think he would get anything out of it. Bored, and semi anoyyed, I spam his page for fun to see his reaction. As I thought my posts got deleted. I start talking to him through pm he says I'm a noob because of my join date. I explain that I've been here since 2006 and link to my old account. He also says I'm also a noob because I have one active flash, when he has none. Lemme just say that it doesn't matter how many flashes you have. Hethen proceeds to spam my page, I delete all the comments. I find this ironic since he's trying to stop spam, yet he spams me.

I make a post saying he likes men for the lolz. And to all you retards, of course thats not his pic, it's called google images fucktards. Anyway, he makes a post about this saying I'm immature. I know I'm immature, I'm 12 (yes I'm that young). The probablem I have with this, is that he is immature too. He says he hates all the spam crews, when doesn't even know the people in the crews. He also thinks he knows everything and that he's better then everyone. Guess what b-29er, your not.

That is all.

Setting things straight





2009-01-26 21:00:56 by Amplified31

/* */

I deleted the flash

2009-01-25 23:51:57 by Amplified31

It sucked.

UMD Union Flash!

2009-01-25 21:51:52 by Amplified31

I submitted the first UMD Union Flash!

UMD Union Flash!

Congrats Obama!

2009-01-20 22:08:22 by Amplified31

Good luck as president!

Congrats Obama!

New Account

2009-01-19 12:44:21 by Amplified31

Hey there, I am Gordon-Freeman16. I finally decided to make a new account.