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I deleted the flash

2009-01-25 23:51:57 by Amplified31

It sucked.


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2009-01-26 00:05:47

you didnt delete, it sucked, and got blammed. lmao!

by the way, remember this comment?
by: b-29er
date: 33 minutes ago

this movie is spam. it has a better qualitty than most dd spam, but it;s spam.

and by the way, you have a new spot on the pp (patriotprogram, an antispam group) website. good luck staying on air!

still laughing asshole!!!

Amplified31 responds:

I did delete it you fag. It didnt get blammed cause it already passed fuck nugget.


2009-01-26 23:41:10

read the obituary, lard-ass